Take a moment and vote "No" on human euthanasia

"Doctor" Phil Nitschke is at it again! He has killed many non-terminal and psychosomatic patients and he is proud of it! He is now trying to get his 'death pill' into Australia. Please take a moment and vote "No" on euthanasia. (In the right-hand column of…Read More

How seductive is "Killing for Kindness"?

In the Netherlands euthanizing in 'only certain' hard circumstances has become an open door for removing problem relatives. 'If killing is an option, why can't we use it when we feel we want to?' Get ready: this attitude is still quiet, but very much with us…Read More

Death AS A Salesman website is new and improved - a ready tool!

http://deathasasalesman.com/ "Death As A Salesman: What's Wrong With Assisted Suicide" website DRAMATICALLY revamped, such that folks can immediately get film and audio clips, or watch the whole film on their computers. Hopefully this will be a useful tool…Read More

The Pro-Death folks are loading up this Poll

Please go there and express your views. Vote "No" on euthanasia. http://www.thebostonchannel.com/news/27269931/detail.html

Kevorkian Gives Chilling Interview

Kevorkian: "The single, worst moment of my life? The moment I was born." Kevorkian slips into honesty in this CNN interview. http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/06/14/kevorkian.gupta/index.html?hpt=C2

The goal all along... kill the vulnberable 'useless'

Before Belgium legalized 'assisted suicide' I had the chance to speak with Belgian legislators in Brussels. The author told me there would never be any abuses, that it 'works' in the Netherlands, and that only those who were truly 'in need' and repeatedly…Read More

Kevorkian's Van

Perhaps this should be saved for display at Aushwitz, or next door to the Museum of Rememberance. http://www.kirotv.com/news/23267531/detail.html
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