Use the New Causes Bar to Help Missouri Families

Hi! I just added the new Facebook Causes Bar to my browser. If you add the cause bar and select "Help MO-FEAT Support Missouri Families Affected by Autism" as your cause, every time you search online you will earn a penny for MO-FEAT. What a simple way to…Read More

Are we going to let KS win?

We have less than a week to go to raise funds for the Sponsor a Family campaign. Right now a KANSAS parent is in the lead, having raised funds to sponsor 100 Missouri families. That's awesome! OK- but Seriously here, I love this parent...I love Kansas- Go…Read More

There's still time!

We still have 11 days to go in our goal to sponsor almost 1000 families to receive Missouri autism resources. I know you all can do this and reach out to others, and we can't do it without your help! PLEASE ask people to sponsor 2 or more families by giving…Read More

Announcing the first annual Heart of MO-FEAT Award!

We are thrilled to announce the Heart of MO-FEAT Award. This award will be presented to the person who sponsors the most families through their Sponsor a Family fundraising efforts for MO-FEAT now through June 3, 2009. The winner will receive 2 tickets to…Read More
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