Congratulations Everyone!

For those that still haven't heard, the President has instructed the Bureau of Customs to stop taxing books! Congratulations everyone for contributing to this campaign! This cause group will remain as a reminder for all of us of the importance of making…Read More

Preparing To Intensify this Campaign!

Congratulations everyone! Our cause against the taxation of books is nearing 17,000 members here in facebook. Yet, the battle has not even really begun. We have been seeing a lot of blogs, news articles, and hearing about a few senators and congressmen taking…Read More

12000 and growing... let's take the next step

Thank you everybody for supporting this cause. We are now 12,000 strong! Yet we still need to inform more people about this so that we can build up more pressure for this important endeavor. To tax books is to tax learning and knowledge. We have to make…Read More

Filipinos Against the Taxation of Books By Customs

Thank you everybody for joining this cause. Within 24 hours of the creation of this cause group we have grown to 1,861 members and still growing fast thanks to your efforts. I would like to urge you to continue recruiting so that we can grow in number. If…Read More
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