Rennie Gets Standing Ovation as our Facebook page gets our first abusive stalker type!

Ladies and Gents We have been quiet for a while, since we heard about the ruling of the General Assembly. I just wanted to give you a quick update and attach a link which detailed the ovation Scott received at his last…Read More

The Mound - Saturday, 5.45pm

The main meeting is taking place at 6.30pm on Saturday. A group intends to show its support for Scott at the General Assembly entrance on The Mound in Edinburgh at around 5.45pm. Get there earlier if you want. The very kind Matthew Duncan is organising.…Read More

Petition against Scott Rennie numbers building!

Ladies and Gents - the figure on the Fellowship of Confessing Church's website is now standing at 9,752. We are getting there at 331...there's a way to go! Please encourage your friends to support - this is an issue that is wider than the church. It's about…Read More

An abomination...

As the "orthodox" support for blocking Scott Rennie's appointment builds its petition numbers to over 8,000, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for signing up. We have a way to go! I am spurred on by the latest news that a radical, Baptist minister in…Read More
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