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PMA Intl. is an advocacy organization for change and we need YOUR volunteer help. To become an official PMA leader is a process including a security check by our security team. This is for the protection of our current PMA leaders and members and by their request. BUT this occupy project is open to all. To help us with this project please e mail executive admin asst Gayle Summer @ [email protected]. Send Gayle a safe contact phone number where you can be reached and we will be in touch. It is time to get OFF the computer and ON your feet 4 change! Are you outranged enough yet that children are being taken away from fit mothers??? If you are outraged enough the time is NOW to stop blogging about it, talking about it complaining and crying about it. The time is NOW to take a stand, take ACTION( if you are serious about your outrage) and make a change. Join our occupy project today! There is power and safety in large numbers to make a change for all
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