The Protective Mother's Alliance Intl.'s Gold Ribbon Campaign seeks to promote awareness of the effort to reunite protective mothers and their children who have been separated by family courts.

Protective Mothers Alliance International (PMA) is a international organization working to bring about change though education, promoting community awareness, legislation reform and encouraging enforcement of existing legislation.

We support the effort of protective mothers to keep themselves and their children safe from the abuse of a former partner, and seek to empower these moms to become advocates for themselves and others.

PMA is committed to bringing about dramatic reforms in the treatment of protective mothers and their children in family court. In many cases, mothers have expressed concern about the impact of a father's abusive behavior on her and the children. Rather than protect these children, our courts have accused mothers of parental alienation and placed children in the sole custody of the alleged abusers. Our family courts and child welfare systems are failing children, and the consequences are dire. These children placed in abuser's custody suffer ongoing trauma and are often separated completely, both emotionally and physically, from their protective mothers. You can help us to raise awareness of this issue and promote positive change, both in our nation and around the world....

1. We support the rights of mothers to protect themselves and their children from abuse.

2. We seek to end the granting of sole or joint custody to perpetrators of domestic violence, child abuse, and child sexual abuse.

3. We want to raise awareness of what is truly going on in our family courts today.

4. This Mother's Day, many mothers will not see their children. Abusive fathers often terminate any contact with the mother when they obtain custody.