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Unstoppable Mothers; A PMA International Photo and Essay Project Protective Mothers’ Alliance International invites you into our project; a window to our world. We ask you to brace yourselves, step slowly into our shoes , carefully take a step , steal a…Read More


PMA Intl. is an advocacy organization for change and we need YOUR volunteer help. To become an official PMA leader is a process including a security check by our security team. This is for the protection of our current PMA leaders and members and by their…Read More

RE: PMA INL and N.O.R.M Occupy Family and Juvenile Dependency Court Worldwide

To all who want to help PMA INL and N.O.R.M with our Occupy Project: Please send your name, state and contact info with the heading Occupy Project to [email protected] cc; [email protected] We will be in touch with you to explain how you can help. The…Read More

How Change Happens/ Protective Mothers' Alliance International: The Guardian of Truth Blog/Deborah Simmons Protective Mothers’ Alliance International West Coast Regional Director

PMA Intl. BTR show ; Hot Summer re runs: Lundy Bancroft and Dr. Mo Hannah 917 889 3515 Tues, Weds, Thrus night @ 9 PM-10PM EST Join Lundy and Janice for a stimulating and informative discussion about PMA and the many problems that children and protective mothers face in…Read More

Defense Against the Psychopath/ PMA Guardian of Truth Blog Defense Against the Psychopath is a documentary excerpted from chapter of the book ; The Art of Urban Survival by Stefan H. Verstappen. This book…Read More
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