Help fight hunger before midnight

Thank you for your support in the fight against hunger. Wanted to let you know that time is running out. Since you've been such a generous supporter of Feeding America, I wanted to let you know that this is your last chance to give a tax-deductible gift in…Read More

Please Vote Today & Everyday!

The Lions can't win in reality. So let's take them to gold at Your number of votes each week determines the winners and losers in this contest. If we can't make sure the Lions win on here, then we can't get that warm Chunky Soup in bulk at…Read More

It's Time Again!

It's that time again. Chunky Soup's Click for Cans is back up. We can work hard to get soup for Detroit's soup kitchen. One click a day is alot quicker and cheaper then buying cans of soup and donating them to homeless shelters. So click for the Lions at…Read More

It's over people!

Thank you all for your efforts, but the contest is over. We finished in 16th place. This doesn't mean we can't do our parts. I begin helping out Forgotten Harvest with their emergency food services next week. I challenge each of you to take that extra step to…Read More

4 days left!

We only have 4 days left to vote and bring the soup to Detroit! Becoming # 1 in this short amount of time is unlikely, but we can be most improved. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE VOTE EVERYDAY; TELL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO VOTE EVERYDAY; VOTE FROM EVERY COMPUTER…Read More

We're 16 again!

We're back at 16, but 15 spots by Dec. 15th is gonna be hard. So that means we have to work overtime to get that soup to Detroit! Vote once a day from every computer with internet access that you possibly can and tell your friends to do the same!

Fell back up to 17!

Come on people don't forget to vote everyday and remind your contacts to vote everyday! We've fallen back to 17. We have to bring the soup home to Detroit for Christmas! It's the holidays, so I know it's in your hearts to feed the homeless in local a soup…Read More
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