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Helping Wildlife & Preventing Deadly Buffalo Fights!


Prepare to be impressed: This month, Animal Rahat was able to provide
1,284 animals, who were in trouble in India, with crucial veterinary treatment. 

Including providing 225 bullocks, who were exhausted from making the journey to the Siddheshwar Fair, with emergency treatment. The Animal Rahat team also supplied ramps for trucks, which allowed the bullocks to be loaded and unloaded safely. 

In other exciting news, Animal Rahat saved more than 100 buffaloes from violence and injuries in bullfights last month. These events are illegal but still take place, often with the tacit approval of local authorities. When Animal Rahat learned that plans were in the works for fights to be
held in three local villages, it was able to shut them down in advance by
threatening to have the police arrest the organizers. 

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