Please become a PETA donor for Animal Rahat and help provide desperately needed care to India's working animals.

Parineeta—a donkey who had been used for many years to carry building materials for railway tracks—was found lying on the ground with a broken leg.

Animal Rahat was alerted to her plight and Parineeta was immediately treated by veterinarians and fed nutritious food to help her regain her strength. She recovered completely and is now living as a "lady of leisure" at the Animal Rahat retirement home for working animals.

Parineeta's story is just one example of how Animal Rahat (relief) is making a difference in the lives of India's working animals. Your gift today will enable Animal Rahat to sustain and expand its vital efforts to bring relief to the donkeys, bullocks, horses, and other working animals in India.

Bullocks, donkeys, ponies and horses are counting on caring people like you. Please become an Animal Rahat donor today!

Please note: While your donation will be processed by PETA, gifts through this Cause will be directly designated for Animal Rahat’s vital work.

1. Alleviate the suffering of India's working animals by giving rest to the lame and offering relief to the sick and injured.

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