Oh Hillary... You're Truley Ignorant...

Yesterday, Sen. Clinton Announced She'd Run On Increasing Fuel-Efficiency Standards: Hillary Proposed Increasing CAFE Standards From The Current Level Of 25 Miles Per Gallon To 40 Miles Per Gallon In 2020 And 55 Miles Per Gallon In 2030. "Hillary would raise…Read More

From the mouth of a Democrat... a must read...

Regardless of your political preferences, these facts are important to remember, if for no other reason than to be informed & reminded of. (No doubt these facts are very controversial) Subject: John Glenn said... John Glenn said this that should make…Read More

Rep. John Boehner: Pelosi-Rangel really is ‘mother of all tax hikes’

Rep. John Boehner: Pelosi-Rangel really is ‘mother of all tax hikes’ Oct 29, 2007 3:00 AM WASHINGTON (Map, News) - American families are feeling the crunch of spiking energy costs, runaway college tuition, ever-burdensome home mortgages and steadily rising…Read More

The Real Belligerents

October 26, 2007 New York Sun Editorial The Real Belligerents The front-runner in the campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, Senator Clinton, yesterday reacted to the Bush administration's announcement of tough new sanctions on the regime in…Read More

Statement by the President on Appropriations

Friday, October 26, 2007 Statement by the President on Appropriations THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. I went out to California yesterday to meet with families affected by the wildfires, and to thank the state and local officials for their outstanding work in…Read More

Get Out and Push!

GOP stands for a lot of things, let's bring back the Get Out and Push slogan and get more people to Join Facebooks Grand Old Party. Invite your friends (remember you can only invite 20 people a day, so do it again tomorrow).
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