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Editorial cartoon on Tamugan River

Nikki Rivera Gomez just posted a photo to your cause, Protect Davao's Water ( Hi! Here's something to further inspire you to recruit more members to our cause. Fight to preserve Tamugan River! Thanks, Nikki…Read More

Beaten, But Unbowed

Press Statement On July 15, 2009, we received from National Water Resources Board (NWRB) its decision against our official protest over Hedcor’s intent to establish a hydroelectric plant along the Tamugan River in Baguio District. The NWRB decided against…Read More

How local groups feel about saving Tamugan River

‘6 reasons why we must oppose Hedcor-Aboitiz in Tamugan’ 1. It threatens environmental/water sustainability Loss of biological diversity (flora and fauna); Re-charge zones and aquifers will be affected and will compromise the sustainability of the supply of…Read More

More groups want Hedcor ECC in Tamugan revoked

Press Release June 29, 2009 Religious, academic leaders call to scrap Hedcor ECC Religious congregations and academics recently called for the revocation of the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) that the Environment Management Bureau of the…Read More

'Sweetheart deal' between Hedcor and Davao Light?

NEWS RELEASE 25 June 2009 Hedcor and Davao Light 'sweetheart deal' in Tamugan possible Power distributor Davao Light and Power Company (DLPC) may engage in 'sweetheart deals' with Hedcor, Inc. in the latter’s proposed Tamugan hydroelectric project in Baguio…Read More

Calinan stakeholders take a stand

Press Release Calinan Barangay Council inks resolution favoring water over electricity Members of the Calinan barangay council recently issued a resolution supporting the cause of the Davao City Water District (DCWD) to establish a surface water facility in…Read More
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