It's time to clean up the Garbage Patch

Hi all -- You might have seen this piece in the New York Times this week: It's about the situation offshore. Basically there is 100 million tons of plastic, Styrofoam and other garbage floating in the ocean offshore from…Read More

Marine protected areas work

Hi all -- Right now the state of California is considering setting aside a marine protected area of the Southern coast. Marine protected areas are special zones with restrictions on harmful activities like bottom trawling and other industrial fishing…Read More

Styro-Strike and McDonald's

Hi, Hundreds of people have taken action, and told McDonald's to lose the new Styrofoam cups. Let's make it thousands. Sign the letter by clicking the link below. I want…Read More

McDonald's new Styrofoam coffee cups

Hi all, McDonald's has a promotion: free coffee ... in new Styrofoam cups. They even cleverly cover all the Styrofoam up with a paper sticker, so you can't tell it's Styrofoam right away. Back in the day, McDonald's used to use a lot of Styrofoam, but they…Read More

How do you recycle Styrofoam?

I read this recent article about recycling Styrofoam. A lot of people have asked me about this, so I figured I'd pass it along to you. Basically, it's hard, expensive, requires "degassing" and is only done by a couple…Read More

The Styro-Strike Update

Hello there Styro-Strikers! Couple updates from the world of Styrofoam fighting. New York City schools are considering a ban. Cool beans: New studies have found that Styrofoam leaches styrene at alarming levels into the ocean, posing…Read More

Quick Update

Hi all -- Environment California has a "page" now -- since groups are out. Become a fan, and help build the environmental movement in California! Marin County, CA just finalized a ban on…Read More
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