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It's time to clean up the Garbage Patch

Hi all --

You might have seen this piece in the New York Times this week:

It's about the situation offshore. Basically there is 100 million tons of plastic, Styrofoam and other garbage floating in the ocean offshore from California.

Right now, we're getting pretty serious about launching a new campaign to take real steps to cut the plastic that's ending up in the ocean (80% of which comes from our trash on land). Environment California is gearing up to help California begin to lead the way -- starting with a statewide ban on Styrofoam takeout containers.

Much needs to be done. We need to change our habits, the market incentives, and the regulations protecting our ocean from trash.

Stay tuned -- as bad as the problem gets, it will never be bad enough that the companies that sell Styrofoam and plastic bags will want to stop making the trash that's killing the ocean. Making progress won't be easy.

We've renewed our call to the governor calling for ban, and are working on our plan for mobilizing Californians across the state. You can take action on the web site below:


Nathan Proctor

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