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Made In Africa

Karine Mujinga
Made In Africa:

What is it ? It is a new concept that is trying to bring the revolution in Africa through peace and entrepreneurship. It is a concept that is trying to break the cycle of violence in Africa, and promote the idea of "All for one and One for all".

The idea is simple, we have had enough martyrs, enough blood shed, today we dont need Nelson Mandela in prison but as a president, Thomas Sankara would have served african better if he was alive and at the head of a company that could employ 1000 africans and redistribute wealth.....We need our leaders alive and working their genie for the good of the people, not behind bars or in trouble in some war.......

Made in Africa is the future ,where we headed, where Africa has vainquished all the ennemis, poverty, malnutrition, illeteracy, corruption and diseases like HIV and Malaria.
Because change will come from the inside,from the people.....Made in Africa will be a success.....

For now anyways, lets focus on helping women and children victims of the civil war in Congo, because this will remains our priority


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