Amnesty International Observation : why is it important to end Inequalities and discrimination against women

“The use of rape in conflict reflects the inequalities women face in their everyday lives in peacetime. Until governments live up to their obligations to ensure equality, and end discrimination against women, rape will continue to be a favourite weapon of…Read More

You have inspired me

Thank you for your support in this cause. The work is still not finished , look at what we have accomplished together, we did put onliune pressure for the war to end in Eastern Congo , and it has. However the violence stil continues , on children and women…Read More

A genocide?

when we first started talking about Congo no one dared to say it was a genocide, and still today people are denying the word "Genocide" when it comes to Congo, I apologize for insisting, I just think after 5 millions people down , it should catch the world's…Read More

Winning our fight with the UN, we understand that still now : Rape is the weapon of choice in brutal conflict around the World , especially in Congo

7 June 2011 Security Council SC/10272 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York Security Council 6547th Meeting (AM) Unanimously Adopting 1983…Read More

Business As Usual in the Congo !!!!!

Dear All, Let us not forget that if we sleep on this cause, back in the eastern region of Congo , it will be business as usual for the most vulnerable people being children and women victims of this war. While we are strongly calling on our political…Read More

Made In Africa

Karine Mujinga Made In Africa: What is it ? It is a new concept that is trying to bring the revolution in Africa through peace and entrepreneurship. It is a concept that is trying to break the cycle of violence in Africa, and promote the idea of "All for one…Read More

Happy Mothers Day

Dear All, We would like to celebrate mothers day by wishing to all the mothers and mothers to be a very very happy mothers day and thank you for supporting our cause. We would also like to say to the world , that we are standing together in this cause ,and…Read More
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