Fact sheet On Muttahida Qaumi Movement!!!

And for a fuller picture, it becomes necessary that the reader goes through at least some of the matter about the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, which happens to be available on the internet presently. And this matter, as claimed in it, had been prepared by some…Read More

Official report blames MQM militants for target killing

Official report blames MQM militants for target killings By Umar Cheema ISLAMABAD: The first official diagnosis, prognosis and prescription on the highly destabilising target killings in Karachi is now available as a seven-member high-level official…Read More

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**MQM on Killing Spree: PPP and ANP workers murdered in Day Light. Need for All Parties to take cases to Courts and take necessary actions to Stop this bloodshed by this notorious Global Terrorist ! MQM killed two Prominet PPP wokers in Liyari. PPP MNA fromt…Read More

Invite others!!!

Greetings everyone, Just wanted to let you all know that we are low on headcount in our cause. Our minimum target is not less than 5,000 members. So please invite and convince as many people as you can to the cause. Thanks

Altaf Hussain MQM leader Terminally ill in Germany?

By Special Correspondent London: It is reported that Altaf Hussain leader of the London based (MQM) Mutahda Quomi Movement is seriously ill and might be receiving treatment in a hospital in Germany. It is reported that Mr Hussain might be receiving treatment…Read More


By Dr Shahid Qureshi Monday 20 April 2009 Ms Bhutto, “condemned the killings of police officers and said, my thoughts are with families of those killed in the line of duty. She demanded that (Musharraf) government should brought killer/ terrorists to justice…Read More

Killing orders from London

London based MQM’s Terrorist Sultan Kappal admitted killing 19 people By Special Correspondent London: The recent arrest of MQM-Altaf's terrorist Sultan Kappal who was involved in the targeted killings by the Paramilitary forces / Rangers in Karachi seems a…Read More
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