We want Facebook translated into our Mohawk language so that our people may use the site in OUR language

We have been trying to make the Mohawk language more visible on facebook by using it amongs other Mohawk speakers. Now we are trying to get the entire facebook website translated into our Mohawk language. This will help encourage our younger people in our communities to be proud to use our language. The Europeans have been trying for almost 200 years to take our language away from us, we can't allow that! Our language is our identity, it is who we are. Our true sovereignty is in our language. Canada and the United States know this, this is why they spent millions of dollars creating residential schools to take our language from us (a form of genocide). They are doing it to gain complete control of North America and to completely wipe out or assimilate the INDIGENOUS people of this continent. They know we are the original people, they know this is our land, and we are sovereign people, and that intimidates them because they know they are not indigenous, and their language is not indigenous to this continent. They want all our people to marry non-native, and speak English, which in turn will wipe the entire Iroquois confederacy out in a few generations (a form of genocide). They are doing this because they want complete assume complete control of this continent without any objection from the indigenous peoples.
The future usage of our language is at stake. If we continue to allow our coming generations to use English and allow the English language to take over through technology, English will become the main language of the Mohawk Nation, and the Iroquois Confederacy. This will in turn cause a loss of identity amongst our people within our confederacy. This is why we all need to work together to ensure our language, our identity as a people, and our culture live on through our next generations. Lets speak OUR language, practice OUR culture, go to OUR ceremonies, dance and sing OUR songs and dances. Lets let the world know, our people are here too, we are sovereign, we have our own language, lets protect it by using it and creating more modern technologies in our language. Keep in mind, the decline of our language began with the invention of the television! If our grandparents knew this would happen, i'm sure they would have done their best to get local programming in our language. We have learned from that, and the future of our Mohawk language looks bright!

1. We have a new generation of Mohawk speakers coming up into the world and there is no modern technology available for them to use

2. Mohawk is spoken by over a thousand people scattered throughout Mohawk territories

3. Facebook in our native language can help boost pride and usage of our language amongst our youth in our communities

4. www.onkwawenna.info