Public awareness of deaf blindness is extremely limited. Awareness in Health providers and Local/General Government departments is seriously lacking. People who have worked all their lives independently in their communities now become dependent . Many people…Read More

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Deafblindness (dual sensory loss) Being deaf blind - Some people are both vision-impaired or blind, and hearing- impaired or deaf. Some people are completely deaf and blind, some have limited use of one of the senses, while others have restricted use of both…Read More

Lowering Barriers

Most people are unaware deaf blindness (dual sensory loss), exists let alone the unique challenges facing deaf blind people with communication and accessing information and services taken for granted by most other people. It’s a minority disability with most…Read More

Disability Discrimination and the Law

Believe it or not disability discrimination still very much exists not only in the UK but in many other so called "Responsive Western Countries". Discrimination against deaf blind people is very much in existence with little being done to challenge the law.…Read More

Touching Lives

Here in Scotland progress the Deafblind Scotland "Touching Lives" project continues to florrosh with great success up and down the country. The three year project funded by the national lottery has just ended it's first year, it should continue indefinitely…Read More

Deaf Blind Awareness

Christmas is approaching, celebration, festivity, togetherness, partying. Yet for many round the world it’s one of the most isolating points of the year. Deaf blind people are denied participation to fundamental communication and human interaction, the…Read More

Thank you for joining.

I’m thrilled and amazed to see the cause has 52 supporters, thank you everyone! However there’s still a long way to go to gain proper recognition, I urge you to continue helping raise awareness by passing the link to friends and family. In Scotland the…Read More
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