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Ali Mahin Torabi, minor defendant released of death sentence. He was 16 when accused of stabbing to death of a friend over a scuffle. Tens of other minors remain on the death row. Voice your protest against the execution of minors in the las remaining country…Read More

photo gallery: Major brutallity & rights abuse on Tehran's streets

Hi friends, I know this message is not relevant to the cause, but I wanted to share with you the pictures of clashes and police brutality in Tehran on Dec. 27th, in case you have missed it. Here is a photo gallery I have put together (caution! contains some…Read More

Iran executes alleged juvenile offender/اعدام مجرم صغیر در کرمانشاه

بر اساس برخی گزارش ها و به تایید سازمان عفو بین الملل، مصلح زمانی مجرم صغیر روز پنج شنبه ساعت 4 صبح در زندان دیزل آباد کرمانشاه به دار آویخته شد. مصلح، دست کم پنجمین مجرم زیر سن قانونی است که در سال جاری میلادی اعدام می شود. او حدود سه سال پیش متهم به تجاوز…Read More

Execution of minor postponed / اعدام صفر انگوتی مجرم صغیر یک ماه به تعویق افتاد

Safar Angooti’s execution which was scheduled for 21 October, was postponed for another month. Safar Angooti, is accused of a murder, committed when he was 17. Iran hanged Behnoud Shojaei on 12 October, the third child offender to be executed in 2009. Iran…Read More

Safar Angooti minor offender to be executed on Wednesday / مجرم صغیر صفر انگوتی صبح چهارشنبه اعدام می شود

Time has come for another child execution in Iran; this time Safar Angooti A week after execution of minor offender Behnoud Shojaee, three other child offenders are due to be executed in the coming days: Mohammad Reza Haddadi, Safar Angooti, and Amir…Read More

بهنود شجاعی مجرم زیر سن قانونی اعدام شد - Minor defendant Behnoud Shojaee executed

http://www.facebook.com/niusha?ref=profile#/note.php?note_id=157315966043&ref=mf Behnoud Shojaee was executed in the early morning of Sunday, Oct, 11th in Tehran's Evin prison, while tens of human rights defenders were protesting the verdict…Read More

URGENT: Minor to be executed tomorrow/ یک مجرم زیر سن قانونی فردا اعدام می شود

بهنود شجاعی به اتهام قتلی که در 17 سالگی مرتکب شده فردا پای چوبه دار می رود. یک هفته پس از آن بک مجرم صغیر دیگر اعدام خواهد شد Two Iranian male juveniles are at risk of imminent execution in the capital, Tehran, for murders they were found guilty of having…Read More
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