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Website Updated

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for the showing of support for me and the girls. I have updated the website I created that allows people to make a donation through PayPal, Contact Johnny page, Fundraiser page, Johnny's Blog page, and a Photo Gallery page. I still have to upload content but check it out when you get a chance.

I want to thank those who have made a donation so far! It is greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow is my first court date and its a crazy day for me. I take lily to see the nurse and get new scrips for ADHD med, then to start a class I took several years ago called Incredible Years (a wonderful program), right after that straight to court, then to work until 3am! Then back up at 7am to start all over. I know that's what a parent has to do and I am willing to do whatever it takes. Hopefully I will get my blog figured out and can't post this type of stuff on there.

Thanks once again.
Your friend
Johnny V

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