Help raise money to provide Johnny legal representation in Juvenile Court to keep custody of his 2 daughters

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I have two beautiful daughters, Liliana and Anitsa, who I gained custody of in September of 2008 after a 7 month legal battle. Their mother is an absent parent and Liliana's biological father is absent as well. I consider them equally my children and am dedicated to being the best father I can to both. Unfortunately for the children, the rest of the family doesn't agree that they should live with me . A motion has been filed in Juvenile court to take them out of the only loving home they have ever known and placed with a relative who has had little contact with the girls up until recently. In order to defend my family again I need to hire an attorney and this is quite expensive. My life savings was stolen from me right before the last custody case, which then drained whatever money I had left. I had to borrow money from my family and they no longer have anything to give. I started a new wedding DJ business JohnnyVdj.com (yes that is how much I love these girls) that will provide me with more stable income in the future and thus extended my credit to the limit hoping it will pay off in the next few years. I don't qualify for Legal Aid because of a conflict of interest. I suspect the children's mother is using them for her legal troubles. I didn't see this new case coming and it has left me few options in hiring a lawyer with estimates of this costing at least $6000. I spent more than that the first time around and I will do whatever it takes to save my daughter's from being placed in a potentially neglectful and at risk situation. Lily has emotional problems that need medical care sometimes 4 times a week and she has come a long way in here treatment. In order to take on all these new challenges I need your help. Any support is appreciated whether it is helping me organize and staff fundraisers, make donations, or just stand behind me I appreciate it. Any donations will be handled in an open manner with accurate record keeping that will be available for anyone to double check. It is hard for me to ask for help like this but I would do anything for these children's best interest. If you have any suggestions contact me at [email protected]. Thank you to everone who has already lent me support. Thank You. John Valantasis

1. Keep Lily and Anitsa in only loving stable home they know

2. Keep sisters from being seperated

3. Allow Johnny a fair opportunity to defend his family

4. Collect donations at http://johnnyvdj.com/daughters.aspx