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Moon Society endorses the Space Renaissance Initiative

Moon Society endorses the Space Renaissance Initiative

Here are the details:

Dear Friends,

As maybe you read, we are trying to launch a great initiative: a world space renaissance forum, to be held just before the next G20, in the same place where G20 will be, to clearly indicate that to run the space economy revolution is the only real alternative to the global crisis.

(i) 7 billion people cannot develop further on one only planet, and that
(ii) the probability of extinction of humankind will be halved when we will be settled on at least another celestial body.

The more the pressure will get higher in the closed world, the more wickedness and natural animal ferocious behaviors will grow up, and civilization will go to collapse.
Instead, if the world will be open, starting working in the Earth-Moon-Lagrange space, a big hope will be raised, and positive thinking will take prevalence again.

It is not true that our species is old and tired!
Human kind is very young, and our humanity is quite a thin layer, on our cerebral cortex.
If we will be given enough space and resources, our culture will likely _start_ to develop!

That's why we talk about Space Renaissance.

Our few practical issues (for this initiative):
- Earth-Orit-Earth low cost passenger transportation systems,
- Moon industrialization,
- Space Tourism,
- Solar Power from Space,
- use of Near Earth Asteroids

I am asking to each one of you to go to this page: and, if you share it, sign the call

1) open the browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, didn't test other ones, but think shouldn't give troubles...)
2) go on the Call page (
3) click on the "Sign the call" sentence (on the top of the page or at the bottom),
4) a new email message is open, by your email ususal program
5) write in your name, organization (if any) and country
6) if you like, write some words about why you support the initiative
7) send the message

It is very important! Your personal help could make the difference!

Adriano Autino

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