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Moon Society's Town Hall Meeting

Our first Town Hall Meeting of 2012 is today.

This is an opportunity to discuss with Society Leadership items
relating to the Society, planned NASA/other Moon Missions, Society and joint inter-societal projects, projects of other groups, public outreach, books, websites etc.. For example we've got a track at this year's International Space Development Conference (ISDC), and this is your chance to provide input on our theme of the CisLunar EconoSphere.

The Moon Society's Town Hall Meetings, which are open to all members and visitors, are held the 2nd Wednesday of the second month of each Quarter. That is, on the 2nd Wednesdays of February, May, and November. The Annual Membership Meeting is usually held in this slot in August in the ASI-MOO specialized chat room environment for members only.

All meetings take place at 9-11 pm Eastern, 8-11 pm Central, 7-9 pm Mountain, and 6-8 pm Pacific Time for participants in the United States. In the Eastern Hemisphere these times will spill into Thursday morning and afternoon hours. We realize that no day and time are convenient for everyone, and the need to settle on a specific time slot may mean that some members, even some would-be leaders, cannot participate. This is regrettable but unavoidable. This time slot has been the practice for over a decade.

The meeting will take place on the Facebook Moon Society Discussion Group located at to make it easier for everyone to participate.
Simply request to join the group. Approval to join is usually granted quickly. To participate in the meeting simply go to the group page and either create a new topic you would like to discuss or join in on an existing topic. This is only our second time having the Town Hall Meeting on Facebook and we are still learning how to use this medium instead of a chat room. So please have patience with our growing pains :-)

This Group page currently has the highest membership of all our social discussion groups.
Facebook - 910
LinkedIn - 324
Yahoo - 204
Orkut - 165
Google - 64
Skype - 14

If you can only participate in one of these other groups instead of on Facebook we will endeavor to pass along any questions you may have to the primary discussion page.

If you are already on Facebook please RSVP at

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