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Moon Society monthly town meeting

Join us for the next Town Meeting, now held monthly on the 2nd Wednesday (or
following Thursday in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia)
on Skype chat (not audio or video)

9-11 pm EDT US

8-10 pm CDT US

7-9 pm MDT US

6-8 pm PDT US

Skype is a free download at

Do not download Skype 4.0 as that version does not allow group chat

Choose your skype name

From the menu, under Contacts


Add Contact

Search for Shaun Moss

select the one listed in Australia

and add

Shaun has been setting up the meeting and chairing it


We are working on our first Town Meeting Project, the Apollo Moon Party

celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first manned moon landing and first

on the weekend of July 18-19th

to be held locally wherever we can arrange it

and with some sort of round-the-world progressive Internet version passing from
time zone to time zone

Additionally whatever topics anyone wishes to bring up

Peter Kokh

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