The young King of Tibet

Carlos Mundy His Majesty The young King of Tibet can be a symbol of Tibetan independance after His Holiness goes!! Long live His Holiness The Dalai Lama! Long live The King of Tibet! Free Tibet! My Country is Tibet - trailer Source:…Read More

His Holiness wants to visit Tibet to pray and bring support for the victims

His Holiness has expressed his wishes to go to Tibet and we must petition the Chinese authorities to allow him. This would be a healing process Please see the video

Updates from the earthquake in Tibet More than 1000 dead and over 10.000 injured. Please donate generously. Thanks Carlos

Let us donate for the poor victims

Emergency Earthquake Appeal Donate to organizations working in the region and help support emergency relief efforts: The 1.…Read More

Let's pray for the victims of earthquake in Tibet

Official death toll in Tibet earthquake climbs to 617 The death toll in yesterday’s earthquake that hit Tibet’s Yushu County (Kyegudo in traditional Tibetan province of Kham) in Yushu prefecture, Qinghai province.

Earthquake in Tibet SOS

Please help the Tibetans by donating generously to the Tibet Relief Fund via Thanks Carlos

Administrators for this cause

Dear friends Tashi Delek I am looking for a few volunteers to become administrators of our cause. The object is promote it to try and reach 25.000 signatures in the next 3 months Looking forward to your news Best Carlos
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