Yehu combats poverty by empowering poor rural entrepreneurs in Kenya to help lift themselves out of poverty through enhanced accessibility to sustainable financial services.

Yehu Bank has carved for itself a narrow niche of the lower end market segment of largely women entrepreneurs.

We provide the opportunity to improve lives through responsive sustainable financial services to our valued market segment.

Located at the Coastal region of Kenya (East Africa), this intervention through Yehu bank since inception has benefited 17,500 women through microloans ranging between USD $71 to USD $2,100, cumulatively loan disbursements amount to USD $2.2 MM. Yehu employs 50 Kenyans.

We are committed to mainstreaming the socio-economically marginalized with a bias to women through sustainable micro enterprises as well as creation of self-employment opportunities.

In this regard, other than the diversified business loans and savings products, we are introducing a friendly school fees loan product for our loyal current client base of about 9,300 of whom 95 per cent are women. Plans are also under way for a housing loan scheme to enhance the living shelter conditions of our predominantly rural clients.

Yehu is pioneering the concept of microfranchises where we help develop sustainable for-profit microbusinesses that can be replicated. A Yehu loan can fund a microfranchisee to buy their business where they receive training and a functioning business manual with all the tools they need for success, including support, training, equipment and a model. Our first microfranchise partnership was with Coast Coconut Farms, producing virgin coconut oil in rural Kenya. We are partnering to create additional businesses to provide clean water and essential consumable products such as soaps, lotion, shampoo, detergents etc. It is an exciting initiative for Yehu to impact thousands of additional lives in creating sustainable livelihoods through trade, not aid.

1. More than 20 Million Kenyans live in extreme poverty.

2. Yehu provides micro-loans, which can be used to start or expand small businesses and get business training and micro-insurance.

3. Over a 5-year period, $5,000 USD in donations will create 800 loans.

4. Your tax-deductible donation truly blesses lives in perpetuity.

5. Raising awareness is key!