Educate. Advocate. Eradicate.

For the last 20 years, VBCF has successfully advocated for national and state legislation that ensures funding and access to screening and treatment of breast cancer for all.

National accomplishments include federal funding for breast cancer research and treatment and bills mandating insurance coverage for treatment and procedures - including the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Act.

In Virginia, VBCF was the leading advocacy group to push for laws and regulations that provide for insurance coverage for mammograms, breast reconstruction surgery, and breast cancer survivors in general. We have also spearheaded the creation of a Trust Fund to help pay for the treatment of uninsured women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

VBCF provides scholarships for advocates to attend leadership and educational conferences and meetings around the country. These advocates then get to sit at the table during national discussions regarding research and policy.

VBCF cuts through the all the noise about breast cancer by providing educational materials and a speakers bureau to ensure the public has accurate information about breast cancer. A new website is in the works that will provide advocates with important information and community from which to have their voices heard.