Derby has surgery today at 7:30 a.m.

Derby has surgery today, Please pray for the Derby, Sandy, Matt and all the family. Pray for God's guidance to the doctors and nurses. Thank you.

Derby needs our prayers.

Even if you have already joined this cause please continue to pray for Derby and her family during this crucial time.

Prayers needed!!

Please pray for Derby, Sandy, and Van!! They could really use them right now! Derby is having a rough go right now. Still in the PICU after having the infusaport placed on Friday. She has been running high fevers and is on 15L vapotherm. They are talking…Read More

Derby is in the hospital.

Derby is on day 23 in the hospital in Des Moines. She was able to be off oxygen for most of the summer but has a fungus in her lungs now and is back on oxygen. Things are going rough for Derby, Sandy and Van. Please continue to prayer for Derby! The doctors…Read More

Pray for Derby

Derby and her mom and dad will be on their way later this week to Ohio to visit Cincinnati Children's Hospital for more tests and consultations with doctors. Pray for GREAT results and safe travels! Saw Derby on Sunday...she has grown and is quit the little…Read More

Derby in ICU

Derby is fighting hard but is on a vent and is still struggling. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY. She is a fighter. Also, Sandy and Matt in your prayers. Thank you

Derby still in ICU at Blank Hospital

Derby was life flighted to Blank Childrens Hospital a week and a half ago with pneumonia. Derby continues to be in the intensive care unit on a vent. It is so heartbreaking to see her like this. She is very critical and we are praying for her lungs to heal.…Read More
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