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The Peace X Peace team has been busy as bees. You won't believe the progress we have made. Actually, you will if you check out our new and drastically improved website and online community. I can't contain my excitement about this new step for women…Read More

New Discussion Topic - This Week's Peace Action Blog Post Up

A new discussion topic is up on the Peace X Peace page ( This Week's Peace Action: Give a working couple or a single mom a break by…Read More

New Discussion Topic - This Week's Peace Action Blog Post Up

Check it out below: "Ask a man in your life to share a story about something he did to promote peace." Share your responses in the discussion board here or on the blog site at: at:

New Discussion Topic Up

New post up on the This Week's Peace Action blog: Water is a precious and scarce resource: Take shorter showers or use less water all week. Check it out and share your experiences of This Week's Peace Action here on this cause page or at…Read More

New Discussion Topic - Week X Week Blog Post Up

New blog post up on Week X Week ( "...I wonder when we started seeing all the things that make us different, that divide us..." Check it out and post your comments here or directly on the blog!

Calling All June Birthdays

Facebook Causes is celebrating their birthday (2 years old!) with a new application "Make a Birthday Wish for Charity." It's easy, fun, and has already raised thousands of dollars for favorite charities around the world. If your birthday is in the next 30…Read More

Thank You!

Dear Mom X Mom Participants, Our virtual party celebrating mothers in May was such a great success that we can't let it go. And it's all because of you. Thank you for joining us! To keep the cause alive, we're inviting all of you to continue celebrating…Read More
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