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$20,000 for seals—YOU made it happen. Thank you.

$20,000 for seals—YOU made it happen.  Thank you.

We met our goal for the seals! You and hundreds of others on Facebook stepped up during the last week of Canada's commercial seal slaughter, helping us raise more than $20,000 for our campaign to end that hunt forever.

Thank you so much.

Because of the incredible generosity of The Giant Steps Foundation and other donors who are tripling your donation, every dollar you have given is worth three to help the seals. The first thing we will do with your gift is take our footage from last week and make sure the world witnesses the heinous cruelty that the Canadian government and sealing industry want to keep secret.   

We are shutting down markets for seal products, convincing sealers it's not worth going to the hunt, and helping to reduce the number of seals killed for their fur -- and it's all because of your support.

Thanks to you, we are closer than ever to ending the largest slaughter of marine mammals, once and for all.

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