Back to Support Concealed Carry Rights on College Campuses

Vote for Freedom Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, the nation will vote to elect the next leader of the free world. For any supporter of 2nd Amendment rights, the choice should be clear: John McCain.

John McCain has a long record of standing up for gun rights, fighting corruption in Washington and of course an even longer record of distinguished service to his country first in the Navy and later in both houses of Congress. He understands that an armed society is a polite society.

On the other hand, his opponent, Senator Obama, hails from the state with arguably the strictest anti-gun laws in the United States. He has supported a ban on all handguns in the past, and frequently touts his support for a Clinton-style "assault weapons" ban. He clearly is no friend of gun owners.

So, when you go to the polls tomorrow, vote for freedom. Vote to keep your right to keep and bear arms. Vote for a man whose life has known nothing but selfless service to country. For a better tomorrow, for the sake of liberty, vote for John McCain.

God Bless You and God Bless America
Mark Daniell

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