Back to Support Concealed Carry Rights on College Campuses

Campus Concealed Carry Bill Proposed in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A bill that would allow some college students to carry concealed weapons on campus is headed for the House floor.

House Bill 2513 by Rep. Jason Murphey, R-Guthrie, was approved 14-2 on Monday by the House Judiciary and Public Safety Committee.

The bill would allow students to carry firearms on campus if they are at least 21 and are licensed to carry a concealed weapon.


If you live or go to school in Oklahoma, write to your state legislators and encourage them to support this bill! Remind them that aside from the fact that the Constitution explicitly guarantees our right to bear arms, allowing licensed concealed carry permit holders to carry their weapons onto college campuses could help stave off shootings like we saw at NIU and Virginia Tech in the future.

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