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Election and Birth Choices

Good afternoon,

We are entering a very important time with the federal election and birth choices. Some of you may not be aware that the federal government has now (July) passed legislation that means any women who employs a midwife (which is the new maternity reform so women can choose private midwives as well as private obstetrician's) HAS to get a doctor's permission to have a midwife and the doctor can VETO the midwives AND the women's decisions.

This is NOT acceptable as we all know and respect that women are the final decision makers in their pregnancy and births.

Please join this new facebook page so we can send a STRONG message to the government that this is NOT okay and we DEMAND it be changed.

Please support the women this impacts even if midwifery care is something you do not choose.

Yours in Choice,

Michelle McRitchie
Australia Votes for Birth Choice

Anna Russell
Save Birth Choices

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