Dedicated to providing funds to educate children in Kenya

Recognizing that the road out of poverty and despair for the people of Kenya runs through the classrooms of its schools, African Kids In Need is dedicated to raising funds to provide education at the secondary level.

Since the Kenyan government is able to provide educational opportunity only through primary instruction, it is the responsibility of others to step in and offer assistance. It is through this effort that the children of Kenya will have an opportunity to break the hopeless pattern of their lives that has been perpetuated for generations. The future stability of the nation’s economic and political systems depends upon the education of her children. African Kids In Need is dedicated to working towards that goal.

1. www.africankidsinneed.org

2. The road out of poverty for Kenya's people starts in her classrooms

3. Through this effort, Kenya's children will have a chance to break the hopeless pattern of poverty and despair