Stop the SABC's violations of the constitutional rights of Coloured South Africans by denying them access to their own national, SABC funded radio station

Of the South African minorities, Coloureds comprise 8.9% of the South African population.
Whites comprise 9.2% of the South African population.
Indians comprise 2.5% of the South African population.

South Africa allegedly has the most liberal constitution in the world. Be that as it may, we still have a case of blatant discrimination against the entire Coloured community of South Africa by the national broadcaster as the SABC to date does not have any strategy or content aimed specifically at Coloured people and their unique social/communal needs.
Why does every group in South Africa (except Coloured people of course) have access to their own state funded national radio station?

Blacks (there is a SABC radio station for every vernacular and language, MetroFM, Ukhozi FM, etc...)
Whites (RSG, 5FM)
Indians (Lotus FM)
Coloureds (????)

By not providing Coloured South Africans with their own media channels, is the SABC implying that Coloured people are NOT South African enough?
Are we to infer that Coloured people are not "worthy" or simply "undeserving" of their own national radio station as is so graciously doled out to every other social group in South Africa?
Are we meant to deduce that Coloured South Africans are not afforded their own national SABC funded media because they/we are somehow not sufficiently socially distinct or discernible in the South African space?

1. All South Africans deserve equal access to state media.

2. Denying the Coloured community with access to state funded media is tantamount to cultural and media apartheid!

3. All South Africans are equal.

4. Government needs to stop playing the self-appointed "culture police" and at its whim, decreeing who is deserving and who is not of access to state media.