How to donate to Santorini Dog Group...

Greetings! For everyone who has been asking, I set up a PayPal account in my name for donations to the group which will be a special delivery in September to mainly assist with boarding/kennel fees for the past year's costs and the upcoming fall and winter.…Read More

Update on donations' process

UPDATE: Info for donations -- Hi everyone, thanks for being here Here's the update on any donations for our group: go through the site www.sawasantorini/ since they already have a bank account set up to accept contributions. Our Anna…Read More

Update on donations' process

Hi everyone, UPDATE! We are now working out a way to donate directly to Anna instead of through SAWA. I will post the process on the Cause and Group walls in the next few days. FaceBook only allows donations through a Cause to a US or Canada charity, so…Read More


Hallo dear friends, this message is meant for Greek animal lovers but everyone is invited to join them for a great demo in front of the Minister of Agricolture. It's VERY MUCH IMPORTANT to be as many as possible to say "STOP" to the daily abuse, poisoning,…Read More