Drive a limo from San Francisco to Bamako, Mali for charity.

We're participating in the Plymouth-Dakar rally. Like to Paris-Dakar only much, much cheaper.

Nov 14 we drive our 1988 Lincoln 5' Stretch Town Car Limousine to NYC ("Vegas"), for shipping to London. December 21 take the ferry to France, drive to Gibraltor, ferry to Morocco, and then a simple run down to Timbuktu, Mali, through the Sahara.
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The limo is auctioned and proceeds go to a variety of charities when we arrive. We are also raising money directly for one of the charities, the World Computer Exchange, the beneficiary of this cause.

We don't expect this to be a donor funded vacation, but we are trying to raise some money to offset the cost of shipping the limo, expected to be about $3,000. If you can help out, please visit: