Reduce Beer Price

Save water. Drink beer.

Throughout the middle ages, Europeans scorned water drinking. Instead, community leaders (monarchs, that is) entreated citizens (or serfs, rather) to drink beer. The reason for this was simple. Most water sources were so polluted that they were unfit for human consumption.

Today, Europe, North America and other regions use treatment facilities to regulate the quality of water destined for human consumption. That is not the case in parts of Asia, much of Africa, and other industrializing areas of the world. The fact is it’s still safer to drink beer in many places.

And the beer industry is booming in exactly these regions. However, industrially produced beers are out of the price range for the majority of citizens. And even if they weren’t, it would still be a shameful excuse for lacking clean drinking water. Are breweries doing anything to help maintain clean and safe drinking water supplies? You might be surprised at just how much.

Right know people, should be aware that the world doesn't have that much water...
So they should produce more Beer instead.
Because Beer helps ugly people to have Sex, and sex is very important to the Human Nation.