Remembrance Sunday

We have reached 50000+ Please spend two minutes in silence on Sunday I know we all lead very busy lives but two minutes out of ours is nothing to remember those who have lost their lives to protect us all. " LEST WE FORGET" please get your friends to join…Read More

light a candle @christmas I was sent this link to join I thought many of you may want to do the same thanks JackW.

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Fantastic Guys we have hit 50000 keep it going, and remember to send your messages of support to all the guys and girls who are on duty in far of fields at this time. it boosts their morale no end. thanks JackW.

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Lets try to reach the 50000 mark by remembrance day JackW

Remember them

Dont forget all our forces at this time of year send messages of support and let them know that their countries are %100 behind them thanks JackW.

Send a message too our serving forces

I know it boosts their moral when they see all your messages off support on here thanks everyone

Soldiers killed on duty

We are now over 20000 strong well done everyone get all your friends to join and also sign the petition, lets embarrass this lousy government of ours, into recognising those two lads.
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