Raising awareness for ME/CFS around the world

M.E. and CFS are indexed together by the World Health Organization in the ICD in the Neurological chapter at G93.3. This means they are the same disease. Separating them is a matter of semantics to diminish the disease the eyes of the public and medical community. This is what we are fighting against.

Anyone who tells you ME/CFS is a mental disorder is not following WHO guidelines and you need to ask yourself why they are doing that.

ME and CFS are the same illness. M.E. does not exist in the U.S. The psychiatric lobby is trying to make M.E./CFS into chronic fatigue and have it classified as a mental disorder. Meanwhile, people are dying from lack of research and the practices of the psychiatric lobby. Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are two separate illnesses. CFS is classified with M.E. for a reason.

Definition from http://www.nsnet.org/idacan/pain.html

The term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is used primarily in North America. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is used in most other countries. It can be best understood when broken down into its individual parts. As you look at the term it becomes clear that the emphasis is on the central nervous system.

My - muscle
algic - pain
encephalo - brain
myel - spinal cord
itis - inflammation

Neither term is satisfactory. People with CFS have many other symptoms contributing to their disability besides fatigue.

ME/CFS affects thousands of men, women and children. The majority of sufferers seem to be women between the ages of 30 and 50. Generally these people are high functioning, productive individuals. There are some differences in how children of different age groups are affected by the illness.

Adults generally fall into one of the following categories. Twenty-five percent are bedridden, 40% are able to maintain part-time work, 35% work full-time, and 50% are disabled and can not work for varying periods of time."

- 28 million people around the world have this disease.
- We are trying to get the message sent across the world that ME/CFS is real, and deserves as much attention as other diseases.
- All we ask right now is that you put a blue ribbon in your profile pictures across the internet and invite your friends to do so.
- Your simple act of replacing your picture in all your profiles on the internet with an ME/CFS badge will indicate to the world that it is time for the silence to end, and that you recognize that something must be done for the people suffering in silence from this devastating disease.
- Go Blue and show the World that people with ME/CFS are visible.

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We appreciate your help in building the Blue Ribbon Campaign for ME/CFS.

1. Was declared a neurological disease by the World Health Organization in 1969

2. Participate from your computer by uploading a badge into your profiles, blogs and avatars

3. A blue ribbon indicates you want governments around the world to support biomedical research for CFS/ME

4. http://www.blueribboncampaignforme.org/

5. Read more about the disease under Extended info