Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation needs help.

Hello all of Zaidee's supporters. We are seeking you help in making sure Zaidee's national message is heard and our projects can be supported in the manner they are required to. I kindly ask if you would start up you own Everyday Heroes page for Zaidee and…Read More

Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation is moving sites.

Hello all members - this site is closing down next week - I kindly ask you to click onto Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation website and click onto the cause again as I am unable to move this cause page or numbers to the new site. - I don't wish to…Read More

zaidees twitter

If you follow twitter look out for zaidees twitter coming to you now.

Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation

Hello members of Zaidee's Cause - we now have a new website up -to join up for our newsletter please click on and register - this newsletter will come out 4 times a year at this stage making you aware of our events and what we are doing - especially what you…Read More
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