Give the Gift of Heart Health This Holiday Season

Have you finished your holiday shopping? If you are still looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, please consider a donation to the American Heart Association in honor of your loved ones. It's tax-deductible and can help us make a difference in the…Read More


Just dropping in to remind all of you that our friends still needs the pair!


Thanks again everyone for being a part of this. This is a time to renew our commitment and devotion to this serious cause. Consequently, I believe we could share with the group our effort to be proactive and find that match, donor that Redford needs so…Read More

Thank you

I want to take take this opportunity to thank every member of that cause. I also want to take this opportunity to pledge for proactive attitude toward this cause. We can not just join and forget about it. We must ask around expeditiously in order to find…Read More

Has any found a donor and a match yet

We are in a race against time. Please do not take this issue/cause lightly. Talk to a friend, a family member, and ask them to ask several friends and family members about their willingness to help Redford. That help could be closer than you think. However,…Read More

End-stage kidney failure

Redford needs a kidney. Medical conditions such as end-stage Kidney failure do not discriminate. I lost a friend to it two years ago. Therefore I am going to be blunt and candid. Let's find him a donor and a match today. Time is of essence. Thanks

Many thanks

We have made it a habit to passively join causes in this social network. This one is different. It requires all of us to be genuinely compassionate and proactive in our quest to find Redford that vital organ with the all the required characteristics. In…Read More
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