Please Stop Calling Muslim terrorists.. We are also human beings and killing Muslims in the name of terrorism is totally against agianst the laws of human rights!!!

Hi Everybody!!!
I m just 16 year old Muslim guy who have no interest in politics or anything... But I m fed up that I m being called a terrorist as I am a Muslim..
The reason for making this cause is to tell everyone that we have nothing to do with the term called terrorism.. This is all a conspiracy being done against us so that the Muslims of this world can be erased..
Kindly Help Me to make this cause as much believable as we can!!!

1. Join The Cause!!!

2. Invite as many people as U can because We REALLY can make a change!!!

3. http://www.buzzvines.com/why-are-most-muslims-fundamentalists-and-terrorists

4. http://hubpages.com/hub/muslims-r-not-terrorists