Smoking Doctors - Part 1

Check out how things were different 50 years from now: Just go to this link:!.html Or visit No reading required…Read More

US Senate puts tobacco industry under the FDA regulations. Obama Salutes!

The US Senate overwhelmingly passed historic legislation Thursday the 11th of June 2009 that puts the tobacco industry under the regulation of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). No more "light" cigarettes or candy-flavored smokes. Bigger, scarier…Read More

EMSA speaks to Philip Morris International

On May 5th 2009, PMI held its inaugural annual stockholders meeting in New York. Detaching from Altria Group and restructuring its international market strategies to reach countries that pose less resistance to tobacco marketing, such as ours! We have…Read More

EMSA and the World Smoking Free Day 2009

Hi everyone, As part of the international celebrations of the Smoking Free Day. It is of my greatest pleasure to present to you the newest updates and additions to the Smoking Free Youth Initiative SFYI website. You can visit it by going to…Read More

"Lights" into reality

A dead man's will initiates a decade long lawsuit against the biggest tobacco company in the world. Anti-smoking advocates predicted it would be the ruling that would open a new front in the war against tobacco. But a year after an Illinois judge issued at…Read More

Tobacco ads: The Superman Story

In 1980, Philip Morris International paid $43,000 to the producers of "Superman II" to feature the Marlboro logo, namely on a billboard in the movie's climactic fight scene. Check out the full details with documents and videos by going to in…Read More

Philip Morris Shareholder meeting

PMI's inaugural shareholder meeting, which will be held Tuesday, May 5 in New York City, presents a unique opportunity to draw attention to the disastrous global public health consequences of the company's aggressive global expansion. Thus an International…Read More
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