We collected more than 2,000 signatures today during the Gay Pride Celebration today at the Civic Center. Please, if you are in San Francisco for the festivities this weekend, join us Sunday and help us get at least 10,000 signatures for Yes On Gay Marriage's…Read More


Come help us get 1,000,000 signatures to present to the President at the March on Washington in October. Invite all your friends to help. 30,000,000 LGBT in the US lets get 10% of them to join us.

Happy Gay Pride!

Gay Pride Month has been a great opportunity for volunteers to get involved with our Yes on Gay Marriage campaign. We are seeking 1,000,000 petition signatures to present to President Barack Obama during the National Gay March on Washington D.C. on October…Read More

Sign up to help with Pride.

We are asking folks for a couple of hours of time at your pride event. We have down loads and all materials to help you do this at link below. 1,000,000 names changes the national gay marriage issue. Help build the coalition and meet some new…Read More

Growing by leaps and bounds!!!

ARE YOU ANGRY??? Then get up off your butts and join us in demanding what our founders guaranteed us. We have been sent to the end of the line so many times we are the only ones left in the line. I AM HERE TO RECRUIT YOU!!! I can’t tell you how excited…Read More

Hey, folks. We are working hard to grow this group.

Wednesday, New Hampshire passed and signed into law their gay marriage legislation. That makes six states that no longer differentiate between "straight" and "gay" marriage. We are only at the beginning, however. We need your help at Yes On Gay Marriage.…Read More

Sing the petition to change the discussion on gay marriage.

Connect to the link to sign a petition to Washington. Help us fight for Gay Marriage and demand our 1138 rights that are afforded "one man one woman" relationships. http://yesongaymarriage.com/do/petition/
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