The Unnamed Military Veteran Civilian Contractor Casualties

They too are the BEST KEPT SECRET OF THE WARS The Majority of ExPat Civilian Contractor Casualties first served their country in the military. Many of them gave twenty and more years of service before deploying in a civilian capacity. Many of them were…Read More

The President of the United States: Include U.S Civilian Contractors in Deaths/Injured in Iraq & Afghanistan

Americans please sign petition at Why This Is Important As Americans, we all feel a sense of patriotism when it comes to…Read More

Scandal in Mistreatment of Silent Service Members I like representing heroes. I did it in the federal government, helping whistleblowers who were taking it on the chin for protecting us. One of the more rewarding things I…Read More

Injured War Contractors Sue Over Health Care, Disability Payments

On Monday Injured War Zone Contractors and Scott Bloch filed a Class Action Lawsuit against the Defense Base Act Insurance Companies and Contract Companies for the further injuries and deaths caused by their failure to provide necessary medical care and pay…Read More

Disposable Soldiers

Thanks to The Nation for exposing this deadly treatment of our own by our own This article appeared in the April 26, 2010 edition of The Nation. by Joshua Kors The mortar shell that wrecked Chuck Luther’s life exploded at the base of the guard tower.…Read More


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Alarming Pattern in Defense Base Act TBI and PTSD Claims

Posted on January 13, 2010 by defensebaseactcomp As we research and document we have noticed the following pattern in DBA cases when it comes to PTSD/ TBI claims: First, the insurance company lawyers viciously defame the claimant and his/ her family,…Read More
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