Please get 40 signatures

Hi everyone, If you can please download this form and get 40 or more people to sign it and send it in to the Canadian Government. This will be instrumental in helping the new bill more innocent baby seals have to be killed. Please let the…Read More

Sign a Petition to Mac Harb

Hello everyone, Thank you ALL for signing this petition. With every signature, we are one step closer to ending the annual Canadian Seal Hunt for good. Thank you for all that you've done. You can also make a big difference by signing the petition that goes…Read More

Thank you

Thank you all for your support. I am often times confounded by acts of indifference and malice. We certainly live in a society with countervailing, contradictory and self-negating forces. We have come a long way. However, our fight still continues. We will…Read More

Please sign the petition and spread the word..please go to the IFAW web site

IFAW web site petition to end the seal hunt

Thank you ALL

Your support and dedication means the world. Today, Canada has conveyed that it wants to fight the EU ban...I'm deeply saddened by the inhumane actions of my country. Canada is so much better than this. We need to show the world that we are advanced in so…Read More

End the Cdn Seal Hunt

Please take a few moments and voice your support for these cute babies. Thank you SO much.

Please support this cause and spread the word

The annual Cdn Seal hunt is the largest marine mammal massacre on earth! More than a million baby seals have been brutally killed in the last five years! Each year in March their beautiful icy home is transformed into an open-air slaughterhouse. Adorable,…Read More
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