March to Stand Up Against Monsanto

On Saturday, May 25th tens of thousands of activists around the world will "March Against Monsanto" to protest the company's bullying tactics of farmers, governments and consumers worldwide. Take the pledge and join the movement by attending a march this…Read More

Ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides before they devastate bee populations in the USA

We need your help to save bee populations to protect our food supply. Join this huge movement urging the EPA to ban an insecticide called NEONICOTINOID that is linked to massive bee deaths. Please sign the petition and forward it to…Read More

Bring Back "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute"

Do you remember the slogan "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute"? As children, thanks to Woodsy the Owl, we learned that it was our responsibility to take care of our environment and dispose of our trash responsibly. Litter has become a huge problem all over the…Read More

Stop Dunkin' Donuts from using Styrofoam

Dunkin' Donuts is the only coffee franchise of it's size that still serves drinks in styrofoam cups. They sell over 1.2 billion cups of coffee each year which is making a huge impact on the environment. Styrofoam does not biodegrade and therefore is not…Read More

Tell President Obama: Reject Keystone XL!

We have seen record-breaking temperatures in major cities across the United States this month -- just one more indication that we are experiencing the increasingly devastating impacts of climate change and need to alter our course immediately. One important…Read More

Urge National Park Service to Make our Parks Bottled-Water-Free

Plastic water bottle litter is becoming a major problem for our beautiful parks. Are you tired of seeing empty bottles tossed to the ground on your favorite trail? We have an opportunity to reduce plastic litter in our National Parks with your help. Please…Read More

Save Alaska's Wild Salmon, Stop the Pebble Mine

Global mining companies are targeting Bristol Bay for a massive open pit mine – the proposed Pebble Mine. Bristol bay is an economic and ecological backbone of Alaska, supplying 14,000 jobs, generating some $480 million a year, and providing nearly 50% of the…Read More
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