So much to tell u so much to share I know its been along time since I have updated Shiloh had brain surgery called a Corpus Callasotomy done Sept 17th it was a huge impact the difference has been unremarkable and she is recovering better then expected even…Read More


Just wanted to give up date just heard from shi's doctor and they are assigning her a neuro team (neurosurgeon/neurologist/socialworker) over at their hospital it is a good sign that they are moving forward to do brain surgery(corpus callastomy)... she meets…Read More

We are waiting for what they decide today

Ok I usually don't do this but I'm asking everyone to please cross their fingers for my daughter her case goes up infront of the epilepsy conference today to see if she is a candidate for brain surgery

Tomorrow is a big day Keep your fingers crossed!!

Tomorrow is the big day we go for Shiloh's consult for corpus callastomy or any other surgery that can help her live a more normal life and join her friends back at school next year.... please pray for her and keep your fingers crossed will update tomorrow…Read More

Shiloh battle

Shiloh apt is coming up soon we are scare and nervous but we will find out if she is a possible candidate for corpus callastomy will update as soon as we hear anything xoxoxox


Its been awhile since I have been blogging alot has happened. Miss Shiloh wasn't doing good at all and hospitalized last week for a few days. Her neuro whom is awesome and I talked alot back and forth and made the hard decision to go ahead and start the…Read More


Shiloh is doing ok ups and downs of course seizing falling thru coffee table so no more coffee tables allowed in house! Shiloh has gained a pound so now at 93 pounds and hoping she keeps going up!
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